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Empowering Lives


Inspiring Wellness, Empowering Lives

At 53, I had a health scare that felt like a stroke. It was a terrifying ordeal resulting in an MS diagnosis. Realizing my environment was filled with toxins—from the food I ate to the cleaning products I used and everything else in between--I knew I had to make changes. So I started researching and swapping out what was harmful with better options, which began to bring back my vitality and joy for life. Now, I help others do the same, guiding them toward healthier choices for longevity and vitality.

Although my journey is challenging and ongoing, I've gained valuable insights to assist others in their wellness paths as an advocate cheering them on to a life of joy, longevity, and vitality. I am committed to helping others achieve their wellness goals and transform their lives.

Our Philosophy

As a couple, Jeff and I are committed to enhancing longevity, healthspan, and vitality through holistic approaches that emphasize natural balance and healing. Our interests in intermittent fasting, resilient mindsets, environmentally clean simple living, and edible gardening keep us busy.

Guided by our Christian faith and the biblical view that humans are destined for vitality and longevity, potentially up to 120 years*, we work to enhance well-being and reduce illness. We support impactful organizations and build a strong community spirit to improve health and happiness for all we meet.

Then the Lord said: My spirit shall not remain in human beings forever, because they are only flesh. Their days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years.

~ Genesis 6:3 NABRE

Join Us!

Embark on a transformative wellness journey that began when we learned about "leaky gut syndrome." If you have ever experienced physical, emotional, or chemical stress, chances are you are among the 90% of Americans who have a leaky gut. There's a quiz you can take to see if you might have it!

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Focus on Longevity & Vitality

Organic coffee

Selection of functional, genuine organic coffee containing natural antioxidants that supports mental alertness, wakefulness, and cognitive performance, as well as gut health with every sip.

coffee pros

An opportunity to bring the world's second most popular drink to more fans through expert partnerships and an innovative distribution system. Learn more about this coffee REDvolution.


Gut Health

Your gut microbiome consists of gut bacteria, which are not all harmful but crucial for bodily functions. Balancing these bacteria significantly affects our health.

Cellular vitality

Detoxifying cells revitalizes them, enhancing absorption of nutrients and vitamins essential for health.

Innovative Terahertz technology designed to energize and balance your body, amplified by optical quartz, fostering overall well-being and enhancing your body's vitality.

Discover the transformative power of HyperVibe whole body vibration machines. Unlock an enhanced fitness experience.

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Precision Nutrition

No more guessing! Uncover your exact supplement blend through genetic testing, crafting a personalized formula for healthier aging and vibrant well-being.

Stop guessing which supplements to buy. Complete a quick Health Assessment questionnaire and order personalized nutrition delivered directly to your door today.

wellness Practioners & Proffessionals

To meet wellness sector demands, we've broadening our distribution and offering comprehensive support to industry professionals through our influencer program, enhancing your clinical and business achievements with our unique system.

HyperVibe G-force vibration machine, engineered for full commercial use and designed to revolutionize your business center, sports facility, wellness clinic, or medical complex. For exclusive savings, use code LynnEwy10

Children’s Book Writing Journey

Exciting news! Lynn is set to become a published children's book author, with her book currently in production. Stay updated and receive exclusive announcements by joining our mailing list.

What People Are Saying

"What I noticed in the first few days of drinking RED is that overwhelmed feeling wasn’t there anymore. I was calm. I was focused. I had great energy with zero jitters. And most of all, I just loved how joyful hi are you hungry talk to me." ~ Lindsey, NE

“This coffee really is the best." ~ Jean, MO

“My daily routine... every morning I make my healthy Juv coffee. It’s phenomenal! I used to feel like napping during the day. When drinking this coffee, I don't have that feeling. Then I take my triad. It takes away that "looks like I swallowed a watermelon" bloated look. Just that alone is a huge accomplishment. I've always suffered with constant bloating.”

~ Layla, ON

“I was an angry, angry person and now I can have conversations with my mother. I recently admitted, “Since I started taking this product, I feel so much better.”” ~ Kade, NY

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for inviting me to read bible plans with you!! It has been an amazing accountability tool for me to keep me in the word of God for 76 days straight!!! Sometimes little things we do can have a great impact on people's lives. You have done that for me and I appreciate you!! Have a blessed day!🙂"

~ Michelle, FL

Lynn Ewy

Saint Louis, MO

(314) 472-2224


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